Feb 02

What’s this about owning a hot tub?

Life is complex. It’s fast pace and full of concerns that demand your immediate attention. Families grow further apart; live more separate lives and aren’t spending the quality time together as I believe families should be.

Busy schedules bring undue stress. Family relationships are already strained. This is why it’s important we try to have fun and find ways to engage in activities that bring sons and daughters and fathers and mothers and grandpas and grandmas together. Share something together, even if it’s for only a brief moment. This is why owning a hot tub is awesome. A relaxed atmosphere, a good soaking, and less stress and thought about the constantly moving world around us. Get one in your life: it’ll be a great excuse for families and friends to hang out and spend some quality moments together.

If you’re looking to purchase a hot tub, it’s important you consider a few things. There’s a million and one articles on the benefits of hot tubs, so I’m only going to cover it briefly here. Some benefits include:

1. Social re-engagement
Very little planning is needed to jump and soak in a hot tub. Do it outside and you have the added benefit of enjoying the nature around your home. Lots of time in the world to chat about everybody’s lives and where they’re heading, giving you an opportunity to connect and strengthen relationships.

2. Muscular regeneration
Heat has always been a great form of relieving tension. The hot temperature from hot tubs give muscles a chance to rejuvenate and regenerate. There are studies showing that hot tubs can help with joint and muscular pain associated with some forms of arthritis. If you’re getting old, this baby is for you.

3. Natural healing by way of hydrotherapy
Hot tubs reduce stress and improve blood flow and circulation, accelerating the body’s natural healing process. Hydrotherapy is using water as therapy. When you jump into a hot tub, the jets will give you the massage of your life.

4. Insomnia relief and better sleep
Again, stress relief. Hot tubs helps combat insomnia and offers you a chance for a better night sleep. One study suggests that a soak before going to sleep can help induce sleep without the side effects of commercial sleep aids. Forget the sleeping pills and putting unnatural junk into your body. Hop into a hot tub.

While hot tubs do require some maintenance, taking care of a hot tub does not have to be difficult. Hot tubs can be maintained easily with only a few supplies and a few minutes of effort a week. There are four key aspects you have to keep in mind when owning a hot tub, but first, one big warning message: I’ve heard over and over again from friends and family about buying a hot tub from Costco or Walmart instead of another reputable brand. You might save a few hundred bucks by buying a Costco hot tub, but you will be screwed over when you need services or repair. (Warranties can only go so far.) First step of owning a hot tub: buy a reputable brand like Jacuzzi. Now, here are the four key parts you need to be aware of when owning a hot tub:

1. Chemical maintenance and water balance
Water is and eventually becomes dirty. Hot tub water requires continuous sanitation daily because our body always have some sort of contaminants on them when we hop into the spa water. Hot tubs require water purifiers to keep the water sanitary. To keep yourself and every bather safe, you need to keep an eye on sanitation levels. There are a variety of different sanitizers to choose from, but the two most popular you need to know are chlorine and bromine.

It’s important to test the chemical levels of your hot tub after each use with testing strips and adjust the levels to keep them in a safe range. Hot tubs also require “shock” treatments every month, which are essentially a blast of high dose sanitizers to clean out the whole filtration system. Contact your local dealer or manufacturer for details on how to care for your particular hot tub model.

2. Filters
Hot tub filters need to be cleaned, often with a special filter cleaner, about once a month. They normally last a long time, but every so often you will need to replace as they start cracking and fraying or gets super dirty despite constant cleaning.

3. Shells
The outer shells of most hot tubs are made of an acrylic material, making them incredibly easy to maintain. Do note the life span of Jacuzzi hot tubs are approximately 5 to 10 years. Since they are non-porous (fancy word for no holes), these shells only need the occasional wipe-down with a wet cloth, possibly some hot tub grade shell cleaners, to keep fun, dirty stuff from building up.

4. Covers
It is important to keep your hot tub covered when not in use. To keep your cover in prime condition, clean it occasionally by spraying it down lightly with a garden hose. If necessary, wash gently with a mild soap solution (contact your local dealer or manufacturer first). Allow your cover to dry before using it again. Most hot tub covers are vinyl coated, so it is usually a good idea to maintain your cover with a vinyl protector or vinyl conditioner. To apply, make sure your cover is clean and dry, then apply the vinyl protector or conditioner sparingly to the top side of your cover only to prevent excess chemicals from getting into the water. Keep in mind that although your hot tub covers will eventually be water logged, you should make it a routine habit to check them for openings in the fabric from time to time.

If you live in a colder climate, it may be necessary to winterize your hot tub. This is done by turning off your hot tub and making sure it’s completely drained and dried, followed by adding hot tub grade anti-freeze to keep the ice from building up within the water systems. If you want to use your hot tub during the winter, it may be necessary to purchase an insulated winter blanket to protect your hot tub from freezing winter temperatures.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to connect with others, consider owning a hot tub. They can be very beneficial, even if you’re only spending 30 minutes a day in them. With the benefits they offer and the low maintenance required to keep them, hot tubs are an excellent investment for anyone looking for an activity to bring their family and their friends together.



Jan 22

Welcome to Ethos Square Footage!

Hello! January 22, 2016 and it’s 10:26pm for me.

This blog is dedicated to fighting crimes against empty (or messy) space. No space in anyone’s home should ever be tarnished with messy clothes, junk laying everywhere, or left unused.

Everyday our lives involve revisiting and staring at useless crap that sits and does nothing 24/7.

Let’s reorganize our space, throw out the nonsense that clutter our lives, and make full use of each square footage. Welcome to my Square Footage blog.